Creating a Social Media Brand and Why Differentiation and Positioning Are Important

social media brand

Social media is playing an important role in improving the image of businesses, and this is the reason why differentiation and positioning are important to create a social media brand. In general, the term brand can be simply defined as the selection of a particular product and the rejection of all other products. Undoubtedly, this is the beauty of marketing, but at the same time, it is quite challenging and tough to create a name for your brand in social media.

There are undefinable numbers of brands in the market regarding different products and services. Let’s take the example of food in the marketing space. There are more than 40,000 brands in an average supermarket from which consumers hardly use 85. And furthermore, from these 85 brands, barely 10 to 15 are those brands that are needed by the consumers to sustain their lives.

And these are just about food marketing only. What about other brands such as cars, electronics, music, clothing, etc. So how is it possible for one brand to bring uniqueness and attract the maximum number of consumers to its business? This could be possible only due to the positioning and differentiation.

social media brand

In the realm of social media, users are creating content for their brands themselves through the use of blogs, posts, graphics, and videos. There are so many brands available today for consumers to focus on. But how can a consumer stay focused on one brand?

Basically, social media is a set of platforms, and all platforms are about engagement. Brands who are well-aware of the importance of social media now prefer to hire social media agency Melbourne as they know that without approaching more and more people towards their business, they will not succeed.

And for the creation of a brand, it is necessary for a marketer to understand the terms – positioning and differentiation. Positioning is actually a frame of reference, whereas differentiation is referred to as a strategy of perception. It is necessary for a business to create its space in the market, and this process of creating its own space in the market is called positioning.

Therefore, it is necessary for a marketer to know and understand how to position and differentiate in the market in order to create a social media brand. Without understanding these things, it is not possible for a brand to create its solid presence in the world of social media.

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