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People’s bad treatment with animals

As a human being it is our duty to care for all living creatures on this world. Some people do not think of animals as living creature and they do not think that caring for animal has any significance, but animals do have rights. When people talk about the rights of animals it is not they are claiming that should be treat same as humans, it’s just mean that human have no right to be mean and brutal with them. They should be loved and cared, if you cannot show care for them, don’t treat them violently as well. It is against humanity that we use our power to hurt another creature just because we are stronger than them. Animals have right to live their life freely. Animals are helping humankind in more ways than one can imagine. Dogs and cats are best partner for a person who is living a lonely life. They are more faithful than most of humans. Bees and other insects are being used for pollination. There are lots of examples which show us the importance of animals in human lives.

Animals have senses. The learn things from the age of a newborn till the time of their death. They have habits as human being, they can eat grow and feel as animals, how a person can thing that they are useless creature. Lot of people has a bad habit to hurt any animals that they see in their way with or without reason because they think them it is their right.

People’s bad treatment with animals

From decades humankind is killing animal to fulfill their selfish desire. They are killing mammals, birds and sea animal just to eat meat; even we are getting many of our other food products from them such as milk cheese and such. We are killing them for medicine if not that we use them for our scientific experiments even it hasn’t given us any good and we have lost our money and waste our time and these experiments can leave them helpless and kill them eventually. We are making products with their skins.  

Things have been changed with time not all but most people know that animal do have their own rights. They need to be care and tend for. There are laws to prevent animal violation. People who hurt them or use them for their need can get arrested and punished for their bad doing. From year there have been veterinary doctor and hospital to tend to their needs but it people were not used to taking their pets to doctors, and taking tension for street animals was out of question but now people tend for their pets even street animals get treated with care. There are lots of NGOs and associations working for animal rights and making sure that they get treated with love. People get jailed for killing animals in most countries. Still human are not as careful as they should with so much laws for animal rights but with time all people will know the importance of following these laws.